Getting Around In Old Town Scottsdale

Most tourists in Old Town Scottsdale will use a car to get around. There are several rental car agencies in the area. The most convenient option for those flying into Phoenix is to pick up a rental car at the airport when arriving and drop it back off when departing. There is usually no problem with parking in Old Town Scottsdale, though sometimes drivers will need to pay to use a parking lot. Drivers do need to be careful for traffic cameras while they are driving in Scottsdale. These traffic cameras are everywhere in Scottsdale, and a getting a speeding ticket here is an expensive proposition.

Valley Metro runs buses that will transport passengers around Old Town Scottsdale. These buses will also connect passengers to routes that run to the rest of Scottsdale as well as the rest of the Phoenix metro area. The buses are fairly efficient, but it will usually take a transfer to travel any significant distance on the Valley Metro buses.

Scottsdale Trolley is a free trolley service that runs through Old Town Scottsdale. The trolleys arrive at stops every ten minutes, so this is a great way to get around the area. The trolleys are a lot of fun to ride and they offer passengers great views of Old Town.

Many of the shops and tourist attractions that draw tourists to Old Town Scottsdale are within walking distance of each other. However, visitors that are not used to the desert heat of Scottsdale should take it slow and be cautious when walking. Be sure to take water along and to wear plenty of sunblock to protect from the effects of the desert sun.

There are a few bike rental shops in the Old Town area. Getting around by bicycle is a great way to explore this beautiful neighborhood. Be sure to get a sturdy bike lock with the rental and to use it whenever leaving the bike unattended. A bike that is left unlocked for even a few minutes is in danger of being stolen.

Luci's Joyrides is a shop in Old Town Scottsdale that rents visitors scooters and mopeds to explore the area. Rentals are available on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. This is a really fun way to get around the area, and the weather is so sunny in Scottsdale that there is rarely a danger of getting rained on.